How to be more satisfied at work in 2 easy steps

Want to increase your satisfaction with your work?

Try this!

Step 1: Think of something someone did for you at work.

Step 2: Thank them for it personally to their face, verbally on the phone, or in writing.

Repeat until you feel more satisfied with your work.

Tips for making this more effective:

Tip 1: Thank your nemesis, terrible boss, rude coworker, underperforming employee, or someone you don’t know that well. This is a great way to improve any work relationship.

Tip 2: Make the thanks specific to the individual and/or circumstance. How is the particular circumstance different then expected?

Tip 3: Practice regularly. You will get better at this the more you do it.

This seems dumb doesn’t it? It isn’t going to instantly solve all of your problems, but I guarantee it will help, and it only takes 30 seconds.


Nest & Protect

I love the idea behind the Nest thermostat and the Protect fire alarm. Why do we just accept that the status quo (clunky, disconnected devices) are good enough? What other mini-revolutions can we start?

I for one would embrace a well thought out parking “Pay and Display” machine. It seems like the designers are trying to win both the “most confusing” and “slowest” awards at the same time.


Setting up a wordpress blog on your own domain on is pretty easy (if you are a bit of a geek)

This is the guide I followed:

My only problem was that I mistakenly used “” instead of “” in the svn command…

I was trying to edit the .htaccess file myself, but that wasn’t working so I just changed the permissions and let wordpress do it for me, which worked perfectly.

The wordpress installer is very slick. I had to input the database settings in the config file, but after that it is literally a single page install form. Ages better than the last time I installed some web software.